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How much of your personal information is online? What are people saying about you and how much of it is true? These are issues that many people face in todays internet driven society. is a service that can not only help you secure your personal information, but it can also help you monitor and manage your online reputation and clean up any inaccuracies and misleading information. 

Many people think privacy is something easily controlled by using the privacy settings on social networks and email or by not using their real name on forums or online sites. However, your information is collected each time you purchase an item, fill out a form or send an email. will protect you from the identity thieves and scammers who comb the internet looking for your personal information.

The reputation builder and defender will help you promote yourself online and make sure people see you the way you want to be seen. It’s so easy to lose your personal and professional reputation because of a disgruntled customer, client or employer, not to mention the unintended damage a friend or acquaintance can cause. Your reputation needs to be protected and that is what does for you. What makes it different? has three main products: MyPrivacy, MyRepuration and ReputationDefender.

MyPrivacy finds and removes your personal information from websites that may sell this information or may make this information available through other means. This information can include your address, phone number, date of birth, family members' names and much more. This is not the type of information you want available to identity thieves or other unsrupulous people. As a member your information is monitored continuously so that your sensitive information will automatically be removed.

MyReputation helps you build your online presence, which can be a business or career booster. This is essential in our modern internet driven society where peers, employers, customers and even dates can look you up on the internet. In addition you can monitor and manage your online reputation while keeping track of how popular you are. This service can tell you hot many people are searching for your name, looking at your profile or leaving comments about you. accomplishes most of this by submitting articles and posting on various sites to get your name and information indexed and ranking on the search engines. 

ReputationDefender can save you from embarrassing online content. There can be negative content about you on the internet ranging from photos and videos to court and police records.  can help you look better by changing your results on search engines and boosting your visibility online. Many times it's not what you put on the internet that's damaging to your reputation. Some things you may know about and some you don't or are a matter of public record, which makes it hard to remove them on your own.

ForBusiness offers these services for your business. offers a service that will help your company look better online, eliminate negative search engine results and increase your company’s online visibility. This can not only enhance your reputation, but it can be helpful in generating new business which is good for your bottom line. vs. primary competitors (sites similar to

Most services do not offer  both the privacy and reputation management programs. So, you'd need to look at two different programs to get all of the services available with is an identity theft protection service. It allows you to protect your personal information which can block online trackers, remove your information from directories and databases and can eliminate the number of prescreened offers you receive. Like they will monitor your identity and stop future releases of your personal information. One benefit of is that it has the Privacy Threat Index (PTI) which helps you understand the severity of the threats from the people trying to steal your personal information. You also receive a personal privacy score which gives you a score based on how well your identity is protected. Unlike there is no listed discount for your spouse or partner. is a service that monitors and repairs your online reputation. They work with individuals, small business and large companies. Like they ensure your reputation is monitored and that negative information is removed before it can have a negative impact. gives you a free proposal which helps guide you towards the reputation management tools you’ll need to make sure your reputation remains intact. Pricing & packages

MyPrivacy is available for a 1, 2 and 3 year package which starts at 79.99 per year for the 1 year plan. This service is $10 less than the plan which costs $89 per year. You can save 20% when you add a membership for a spouse or partner.

MyReputation comes at 3 different levels which range from $129 to $699. The main difference between these plans are the number of professionally written online profiles, getting content published and controlling how people see you on Google. and many other reputation management services don't list their fees on line, you need to request a report because their fees are determined by the type of service you'll need. Since a student may need less reputation services than a CEO.

If you puchase MyPrivacy and MyReputation together you can receive a 20% discount.

ReputationDefender and forBusiness requires a free quote and consultation. Product images & screenshots Coupons
Get 15% Off Annual Plans on MyReputation and MyPrivacy Bundle @ Customer reviews & comments

'When I began work with they really listened and designed a program that fit my budget. ... I am very thankful for for helping me regain control over my online reputation in advance of my job search."

Kim G., California

"...Now whenever someone searches for me on the Internet, I have greater control over what they see. has not only protected my online reputation, but it has also increased my online footprint."

Fred T., Ontario

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